About Our Services

How we do this?

Our services, in general, involve assisting the kids and their parents/guardians concerning- Their well-being in terms of health, academics, and other extra-curricular development. To do so, we assess the situation of the child in need and provide the necessary software-based tools courses, games, and curriculum necessary to keep the child motivated and in pace with other children of the same age. According to the circumstances we draft specific curriculum and design activities that would be of help to kids with special needs. Moreover, we have ties with several professional therapists who are more than happy to provide guidance and mentorship to the kids and their parents to assist their growth and keep their spirits high.

We understand the challenges faced by parents and guardians in bringing up their kids under adverse circumstances. We sympathize with the trouble they face and would like to help them in their journey so that one day they see their children standing successful, happy, with their heads and their spirits held high.

How We Make Your Life Easy?

Assistive Kids’ Guru is an initiative started by Mind Coder with an objective to empower the children afflicted from defects in coping up with the disadvantages and challenges they face in their day-to-day life, health, and academics. Mind Coder is an organization involved in Software development and related projects. The motive behind Mind Coder's initiative is to use the organization’s essential skills in developing a platform and curriculum to benefit specially-abled kids in their learning and growing period.

Software is everywhere and almost everything that is accomplished these days involves Software in some aspect or the other. We have started this to use the potential of software in propagating and assisting the ideas and skills that would be of use to the kids in some way or the other.

What is the process involved?

All you need to do, is to sign up on our page, and tell us the issues that you want us to resolve. Our team will contact you to know the details of the problems and based on your requirements, we will provide the appropriate module which will satisfactorily address your issue. You can access the modules from your account any time.

What are our ambitions?
Our ambitions are to empower the young kinds with disabilities to be able to stand on an equal footing with the rest of the population. We aspire to make them learned, mentally and physically strong to bear the adverse circumstances that life would put them into. Kids are the epitome of purity and innocence and we would like to contribute as much as possible to make them realize and utilize their dormant potential, and one day become an icon of inspiration for others.

About Donation

How will my contribution make a difference?

Your contribution helps us in a variety of ways. It helps sustain our operations, helps us with our research and development of innovative ways to assist the kids. A portion of the contribution goes into our expansion that further increases our capability to serve. Your donation enables us to bring smiles on the faces of the kids with special needs!

Are my donations to AKG Tax exempt?

Yes. We are a registered charitable organization (Regd. No. E/23578/Ahmedabad) and under the section 80G of the Income Tax Act, your donations made to us are exempt from taxation.

How will I get a tax exemption certificate for my donation?

Simply submit the below form and Scan the QR Code to do a payment and will send you donation receipt either by email and on your address once we received the payment – this receipt is eligible for tax exemption and can be shared with the Income Tax authorities.

If you’ve changed your email ID or your address, please write us on hello@assistivekids.guru with the updated details.

Does AKG accept Cash donations?

No, in the interest of transparency and accountability, cash donations are not accepted.

What are the other ways I can donate?

If you'd like to donate offline. You can call us on (+91) 79 4080 1169 or write us on hello@assistivekids.guru and we will guide you.

You can donate to our cause by volunteering for the service of the specially-abled kids. If you wish to lend any asset as a donation that can prove useful for the kids, if you believe that your professional expertise on a subject can be beneficial for them, be it directly or indirectly, your contribution is most welcome. Join us!

What is AKG’s donation refund policy?

Donations received by us are immediately put to use or the welfare of the kids, that therefore cannot be refunded.

We come across several questions from interested people, finding those that are frequently asked, we are putting them here in case you are wondering about the same. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please write to us and we’ll be happy to address your query!
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