• Assistive Kids' Guru
  • Assistive Kids' Guru

O ur goal is to enable the kids with disabilities to become educated and skilled to be able to achieve their dreams and stand confidently in this competitive world with help of Assistive Software Technology. Let us know your issues, so that we can solve them together, and make a happy and bright future for these shining stars!

We are a team of enthusiastic individuals who passionately wish to contribute our part in helping the kids who are disabled either physically or mentally. Our team helps the students with special needs by addressing any day issues faced by them in their pursuit of knowledge.

We believe that we as a society have the responsibility to help these kids lead a happy and a successful life. Our efforts are focused towards developing efficient ways and a network of helpful volunteers to help these kids overcome their struggles in acquiring knowledge. Our help can unleash the immense potential hidden within these little wonders!

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Some Words of Testimonials

“It shouldn’t matter how slowly some children learn as long as we are encouraging them not to stop.” - Robert John Meehan (Renowned Educator and Author)

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Assistive Kids' Guru Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us

We find our happiness in serving the needy. Let us work together to assist the kids with special needs, in growing from little sparks to giant stars!

Assistive Kids' Guru Help with our Products

Help with our Products

We strive to introduce assistive products that are highly effective in serving our purpose. If you have an innovative idea for the improvement or development of an assistive product, let us know!

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